Dr. David Brinkman

Dr. David Brinkman
David Brinkman, MD, CFCMC

Dr. David Brinkman is an Ob/Gyn in Sugar Land, Texas. He is a native Texan, attended Texas A&M University for his undergraduate degree, and received his medical degree from Texas Tech University Health Science Center in Lubbock.

Dr. Brinkman completed his residency in Oklahoma City at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center and fellowship in Medical and Surgical NaPro Technology at the St. Paul VI Institute in Omaha. Dr. Brinkman prioritizes listening to his patients and ensuring they have a voice in the decision making process for treatment.

He believes it is a privilege to provide a lifetime of care to his patients. Outside of the clinic, Dr. Brinkman enjoys Texas A&M Football, the Astros, Buc-ee’s and spending time with his family


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