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Learning CrMS begins with an Introductory Session, which provides an overview of the method and how to “NaProTrack” your cycle. This session is followed by a series of essential, personalized, individual Follow-Up appointments with a FertilityCare Practitioner. You must attend BOTH the Introductory Session and a series of Follow Up appointments in order to utilize this system.

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Group Introductory Sessions are held monthly at CHI St. Luke’s Hospital in Sugar Land.

For more information on dates and locations of Group Introductory Sessions near you, please see our Events Page.

Please Contact fill out the contact form below to receive more details and make reservations.

*If you have been diagnosed with Infertility, are under the age of 18, or have specific personal questions you might like to have addressed during your Introductory Session, we recommend scheduling a Private Introductory Session. These sessions are scheduled at your convenience with a member of our skilled staff. Please see the ‘Our Team’ page for convenient locations, skilled practitioners, and contact information.

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